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Review: Gundalow Juice

Posted: May 04, 2016 at 1:20 PM (Last Updated: May 04, 2016 at 3:39 PM)
Gundalow Juice

Covers Products: Dockside Sunrise, Sailor's Delight , Mainstay Green, S.S. Veggie, Watermelon Waves, Harbor Voyage, Starboard Strawberry

Gundalow Juice is a Baltimore-based company that has developed a line of cold-pressed high pressure processed (HPP) juices that come in a variety of flavors, all packaged in 10 oz. bottles.

Starting with the packaging, the design of Gundalow Juice is something that is a bit different than your standard HPP juice. This starts with the use of a black shrink sleeve label that covers almost all of the bottle aside from a small portion of the bottom where the liquid can be seen.  It’s eye-catching, but less vibrant than competing brands, which often focus on bright, positive colors rather than black.

It’s not that easy to quickly identify the different flavors of Gundalow Juice: we’re pretty sure that consumers won’t identify the flavors with the shape language the brand uses. For example, a  square with a circle cut out is the Dockside Sunrise flavor. Increasing the size of the Gundalow Juice logo would be a great improvement, and we also wonder if they’d be better off focusing on the ingredients rather than the flavor name.

The best part of the packaging is, at least in our opinion, the package size. A 10 oz. bottle is not only the right portion, but it helps keep the calories and sugar content in check. The products range from 60 to 120 calories and 11g - 27g of sugar.

As far as the flavors go, we sampled seven varieties for this review. Some of the flavors, such as S.S. Veggie and Mainstay Green (both of which are made with apple and greens), are familiar flavors that can be found in similar form in almost every cold-pressed juice brand.  Their execution is sound and, despite not necessarily delivering innovation to the category, they are staple flavors that will certainly pull the best.

Otherwise, the highlights of the line were Dockside Sunrise, a tangy pineapple based juice that features a touch of jalapeno spice; Sailor’s Delight, which is a tangerine juice with apple, raspberry, lemon, and ginger; and Watermelon Waves, a summery blend of watermelon, lime, and mint.

The final two flavors, Starboard Strawberry and Harbor Voyage, need some refinement. In the case of Starboard Strawberry, the flavor was too sweet, while Harbor Voyage felt like the flavors weren’t meshing (largely because of the melon).

So where does this leave us with Gundalow Juice? If their aspirations are to be a regional player, the products only need minor improvement. But if they are thinking about going wider, they’ll need to further evolve and offer things that don’t currently exist in the category. In the meantime, we appreciate the unique look of the packaging and the liquid, which, for the most part, is on point.

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