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Review: HopTea Limited Edition “The Citra Bomb One”

Posted: May 20, 2020 at 1:39 PM (Last Updated: May 21, 2020 at 9:36 AM)
HopTea Limited Edition “The Citra Bomb One”

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The Citra Bomb One is Hoplark HopTea’s first flavor that’s being released as part of the brand’s new membership program, which offers subscribers an exclusive flavor every month. This variety, which is their member offering for May 2020, uses a white tea base and carbonated water and is double dry hopped with citra hops.

In the craft beer world, citra hops have been a key part of the hazy IPA craze as their fruit-forward flavor and light bitterness is a proven palate pleaser. 

Fortunately, this flavor profile translates really well into HopTea. The base of sparkling water and white tea is light in body and provides a subtle backdrop for the bright flavor of citra. There’s only minimal bitterness to it, which is definitely a plus, and it’s ultimately a very nice expression of the natural flavor of citra hops. 

What we like the most about this product is that it is effectively a beer alternative without being directly positioned as one. The hop notes are almost identical to what you’d find in an IPA, with the key difference being the lack of yeast and malt and the alcohol and calories that come with it.

Instead, this product is zero calorie, has 60mg of caffeine (from the white tea), and is absolutely crushable. You won’t be quite sure whether this should be a replacement for your flavored sparkling water or beer, but, either way, we think it’s a top notch product and quite possibly the best tasting flavor of the HopTea line.

On the outside, this product has, in comparison to the core HopTea flavors, a relatively plain looking dark grey label that lacks the patterned backdrop found on the others. It’s a fine approach for a limited run product, but it’s not their prettiest looking can they’ve produced. However, we do like that this label is less cluttered in terms of its callouts and overall volume of label copy -- it’s simple, clean and intuitive.

In the end, Hoplark has done a superb job with its initial member release, which is going to be a tough act for subsequent limited edition flavors to follow.

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