Jittery John's Cold Brew

by Jittery John's LLC

Review: Jittery John’s Cold-Brew Uses Variety of Formats to Differentiate

Posted: Jul 08, 2016 at 1:59 PM (Last Updated: Jul 11, 2016 at 4:26 PM)

Covers Products: Brazil Nut Milk Cold Brew, Espresso Blend, New Orleans Style, Single Origin: Ethiopian

Jittery John’s is a Berkeley, Calif.-based company that offers a diverse line of cold-brew coffee offerings. They have seemingly every type of cold-brew covered: ready to drink, nitro, concentrate, office delivery, single origin, New Orleans style, and even a high pressure processed (HPP) variety with Brazil nut milk. The only thing missing are flavored offerings, but it’s a toss up as to whether they really need that at this stage of the game.

The branding and packaging are one of the strong points of Jittery John’s. The label uses a zigzag edge that’s reminiscent of something that was cut with pinking shears. It’s white with black hand-drawn lettering, which fits the style of something that’s made in small batches. They’ve done a nice job of establishing a minimalist look to the label while still communicating everything the consumer needs to see. While the bottle formats vary between some of their offerings, the products look consistent and part of the same brand, which is definitely good.

In terms of the flavors, we sampled a variety of their ready to drink offerings. There were two that really stood out:

  • Brazil Nut Milk Cold Brew -- Brazil Nut Milk Cold Brew is an HPP that adds both nut milk and sweetener (agave) to the equation. It’s smooth, rich, and nutty in its flavor, but the cold brew is still quite bold. Given that it has “milk” added to it, which is still the dominant format for ready to drink coffee, this seems like the flavor that might have the most market potential.

  • Espresso Blend -- While this product’s flavor is on par with their other offerings, it’s the packaging, which is a 6.75 oz. flask shaped glass bottle, that makes it stand out. Labelling it as an “Espresso Blend” sets the stage for something that is more intense, which is only furthered by this choice of packaging. And it’s super drinkable, with a smooth and slightly nutty flavor to the cold-brew. Whatever they did to this flavor, it seems like a notch above their other efforts.

If there’s any suggestion for the brand, it’s to figure out what the focal point of the brand is going to be. Having the ability to produce all of these different formats is definitely a great way to test the waters, but at some point we’d imagine that stepping on the gas in one direction is going to be key.

Overall, Jittery John’s has done a nice job of creating well-executed products that could definitely serve as the foundation for something that has some legs to it.

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