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by The Brewkery

Review: Lucky Elixir

Posted: Oct 09, 2020 at 10:38 AM (Last Updated: Oct 09, 2020 at 11:13 AM)
Lucky Elixir

Covers Products: Blueberry Magic Kombucha, Grape Limeade Kombucha, Hibiscus Rooibos Kombucha, Hop'D Kombucha, Stone Fruit Kombucha

Lucky Elixir is a line of premium craft brewed kombucha from North Kansas City, MO. The products are raw and refrigerated, and are packaged in 12 ounce cans. 

The product line presently includes five flavors: Stone Fruit, Grape Limeade, Hop’d, Blueberry Magic with CBD (25 mg per can), and Hibiscus Rooibos. Each features an ingredient list that’s short, straightforward, and starts with a base of kombucha that’s made with black tea, water, sugar and kombucha culture.

From a taste perspective, the brand has done a nice job across the board. As is often the case with flavored kombucha, the base is consistent across the line. All five products have a mild amount of fermented flavor and a level of sweetness that’s on par with other raw kombuchas (7-10 grams added sugar). 

Based on the ingredients list on the back of the can, Lucky Elixir appears to use a slightly different combination of teas and fruit juices to craft each variety. This includes the base tea itself, which, depending on the SKU might be black tea, mango flavored black tea, green tea, or some combination. After that, added flavoring is used in some of the flavors, but not all.

For us, the standouts flavors were Stone Fruit, which has a really nice note of passionfruit, and Hop’d, which has added hops. These two were both the most unique tasting and enjoyable to our palates. They’re also both really nicely balanced in terms of complementing the base fermented flavor. Grape Limeade and Hibiscus Rooibos aren’t far off, but both felt like they needed a little something else to round them out. 

Lastly, there’s the CBD-infused Blueberry Magic. This product actually has apple, blueberry and grape juices added, though the apple and grape were just a bit too strong for our liking. Otherwise, we think it’s a fine idea to have a CBD-infused SKU.

On the outside, the cans use shrink sleeve labels that feature a brightly colored background unique to each flavor. The center of the can is the Lucky Elixir logo, which features a large white rectangle outline with “L”, “E” and a period placed inside it. Above this rectangle, you’ll find Lucky Elixir spelled out and a horseshoe in between the two words. Below the rectangle, is the word “kombucha” in all capital letters. Finally, there’s the black outline of what appears to be a Fortuna coin placed on top.

In addition to the logo, there are a variety of text elements on the front of the can. At the bottom, there’s the flavor name. On the side of the logo, there’s a functional statement of “detoxify, revitalize, energize.” Near the neck of the can there are product attribute callouts such as “alive,” “vegan” and “craft-brewed.”

While reducing the amount of text on the can would definitely be a good thing, we think that they should consider making “Lucky Elixir Kombucha” -- and not the “LE.” icon -- the star of the show. It’s a memorable name and we feel that the icon is somewhat of a distraction when looking at this package.  We’d much prefer the visual execution of the logo that’s featured on the company’s website.

In the end, Lucky Elixir is a solid line of craft brewed kombucha that delivers a high quality raw kombucha experience. We like the overall approach to the line as well as the use of can packaging and, with a bit of fine tuning, we think that this brand will be in a really good spot. 

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