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Last Updated: 7/2/2013 10:28 AM

In the course of reviewing the thousands of beverages that we’ve reviewed here on we’ve often used the phrase “it tastes like bubblegum” in a negative way. But in the case of Rockstar’s Super Sour Bubbleberry, it’s something that’s been turned into a positive. And it doesn’t just taste like any bubblegum, but that classic “berry” flavored bubblegum that you’d find in a pack of baseball cards. While it admittedly seems like somewhat of a novelty flavor rather than something that will have a large base of consumers drinking it every time they grab an energy drink, the execution of it is extremely well done. The bubblegum flavor does a nice job of masking the functional flavor, but they haven’t used too much of it that it overwhelms your palate. And, if you’re like us, there’s a certain nostalgia factor to a flavor like this. On the functional side of things, the product is on par with other Rockstar formulations, with 120mg of caffeine (per serving) as well as B vitamins, amino acids, ginseng, and guarana. Visually, the pink and blue color palate definitely feels skewed more towards the berry than the bubblegum (a little more pink might fix that), but the look of the can fits the hip vibe that Rockstar has throughout all of its products. Overall, a unique and enjoyable product from Rockstar.


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