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Review: Soul Grind Cold Brew Coffee

Posted: Feb 17, 2020 at 2:46 PM (Last Updated: Feb 20, 2020 at 10:37 AM)
Soul Grind Cold Brew Coffee

Covers Products: Black CBD 10mg, Mexican Chocolate CBD 10mg, Vanilla CBD 10mg

Soul Grind is a line of unsweetened cold brew coffees that are infused with 10 mg of hemp CBD. The line includes three SKUs: Black, Vanilla and Mexican Chocolate.

All three of these flavors contain a straightforward list of ingredients at their foundation: organic cold brew coffee, natural flavors and broad spectrum hemp extract (which contains hemp oil and coconut oil). This is the entire ingredient list for Black, while Vanilla has vanilla extract and Mexican Chocolate contains both cocoa and cinnamon extracts.

The resulting formulations are definitely coffee forward and the hemp has no impact on the flavor. The coffee at the core of these products is, judging from Black, bold and smooth and on par with other premium cold brews. 

The flavored varieties are, thanks to the lack of sweetness, pretty subtle. We particularly like the cocoa and cinnamon flavor in Mexican Chocolate. This is a more creative flavor thanVanilla, although that one is a solid SKU as far as vanilla flavored cold brew goes. We’re definitely fans of their unsweetened approach and we never felt like we were missing anything.

On the outside, the product design is pretty clean. We aren’t usually fans of logos that are turned on their side, but this one, which runs from top to bottom and is placed inside a white or black rectangle, is both readable and eye-catching as the label’s central element. They’ve taken a similar approach to how they’ve treated the 10 mg hemp CBD callout along the bottom, which they’ve placed inside a colored square. At the very top, you’ll find three lines of text: a tagline at the very top, the flavor name and the words “unsweetened cold brew.” 

While we could probably live without the tagline at the top, especially since it changes for each flavor, the packaging looks pretty slick. We also like the choice of a matte finish shrink sleeve label. 

Our main feedback for the packaging is that we wish that the words “cold brew coffee” were more prominent. We have two reasons for saying this. First, the brand name “Soul Grind” is one that could be used on any number of different beverage types. Second, the prominence of the 10 mg hemp CBD badge makes your eye immediately focus on the hemp content before going to the top and reading that this is coffee. There are a couple of obvious ways to address this, including putting “cold brew coffee” under the logo.

Regardless, the ultimate question for this product is going to be whether or not there’s demand for coffee with CBD. From our perspective, it’s hard to tell, but we do think that entering the cold brew space with this as an added selling point sounds a lot better than taking the more common approach of talking about the quality or origin of the beans.

For now, we think they’re off to a pretty good start.

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