Review: Turveda Sparkling Turmeric Tonics

Posted: Jun 25, 2018 at 3:58 PM (Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 at 9:20 AM)

Covers Products: Lemon-Ginger, Mango Flavored Chili, Wild Honey-Matcha

Turveda’s Sparkling Turmeric Tonics is a three SKU line of lightly carbonated beverages that touts 166 mg of curcumin (the active element in turmeric that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties) content as its key benefit.

The three flavors (Mango Flavor - Chili, Wild Honey - Matcha, and Lemon - Ginger) all have a pretty similar base flavor. This includes a hefty dose of turmeric, some mild sweetness from wildflower honey and sugar, a dash of lemon juice, and a finishing note of black pepper. And when we say these products are lightly carbonated, it’s honestly pretty easy to miss the bubbles entirely.

Nutritionally, the products have 50 calories and 12g of sugars per 10 oz. bottle. This seems like a nice spot to be where the product can avoid zero calorie sweeteners but still manages to deliver a palatable level of sweetness.

Otherwise, the differences between the three are somewhat nuanced. The added flavors are hard to distinguish from the base, especially after you’ve taken a few sips. Even the ginger in the Lemon-Ginger and the chili pepper in Mango Flavor-Chili are somewhat overwhelmed by the turmeric.

The above being said, we still found the products to be enjoyable in their current form. However, these products feel pretty niche and it’s hard to justify three very similar tasting products. Plus, we can’t help but feel as though some refinement wouldn’t make for a bigger opportunity for Turveda. We’d love to see the carbonation dialed up significantly and some slightly different flavors (matcha, in particular, could probably be replaced with an orange / citrus variety) that would help appeal to a broader base.

We’d say the same for the packaging. Not because it looks bad, but because having three products that are orange in color makes it pretty hard to create meaningful differentiation. Perhaps putting the product in a can or having less of the liquid visible would help things out.

Beyond that, the layout of the label could be improved. Specifically, there’s too much emphasis on the brand name and not enough emphasis on the flavor name that is buried on bottom of the label.

In the end, we like the concept behind Turveda’s Sparkling Turmeric Tonics, but the current approach, which we think paints the brand into too small of a niche, could use some refinement.

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