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Review: Waltz CBD Seltzer

Posted: Feb 03, 2020 at 12:08 PM (Last Updated: Feb 04, 2020 at 12:19 PM)
Waltz CBD Seltzer

Covers Products: Blood Orange CBD 25mg, Lemon Lavender CBD 25mg, Lime Ginger CBD 25mg

Produced by Farma Brands, the same company behind Nytro Jack, Waltz CBD Seltzer is a zero calorie flavored sparkling water enhanced with 25 mg of CBD. The products are packaged in slim 12 oz. cans in three flavors: Blood Orange, Lime Ginger, and Lemon Lavender. 

From a taste perspective, they’ve created some flavorful products that can hold their own as far as flavored sparkling waters go. 

Lime Ginger and Lemon Lavender both contain a touch of juice (lime, orange, and ginger for Lime Ginger and lemon for Lemon Lavender), which helps give both of flavors a fresh and accurate taste profile. Blood Orange, on the other hand, relies on flavor oils; there is a noticeable orange aroma and flavor, but it’s not quite accurate..

The added hemp CBD oil doesn’t seem to get in the way of taste, which is a good thing, although it did seem to make for a dry finish. In the end, all three of these products are in a good spot as far as the liquid is concerned.

This takes us to the packaging, which is where the drinks really need improvement. The slim 12 oz can has a white label that features what looks like a paintbrush stroke going across it. Each flavor gets a different color -- green for Lime Ginger, reddish orange for Blood Orange, and purple for Lemon Lavender -- and its own unique brush stroke pattern. The Waltz logo is in a thin script font that runs across this pattern, while two lines of text -- one calling out the CBD content and the other being “a better way to unwind” -- have been placed below.

We’d describe the overall design aesthetic as abstract but minimalist in terms of how it presents itself. Unfortunately, we found the text and logo (which are in black and placed on top of the backdrop) somewhat hard to read. Furthermore, the package is lacking a dominant visual element, which we think will simply make this product have challenges standing up against its more strongly branded competitors. 

Overall, Waltz has done a nice job with the product formulations, but we feel as though the branding and packaging are going to hold it back.

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