Review: WellWell: An Innovative Approach to Cold-Pressed Juice

Posted: Apr 01, 2016 at 11:38 AM (Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 at 9:33 AM)
WellWell: An Innovative Approach to Cold-Pressed Juice

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WellWell is an entry into the cold-pressed and high pressure processed (HPP) beverage space that is attempting a less traditional approach to branding and marketing. 

Specifically, the company has shunned the traditional look and feel of the category, which usually entails allowing the user to see the liquid through the bottle walls, the use of label color that matches the fruits, or on-pack imagery of the ingredients. Instead, this product has an aqua blue label and a name and subhead --  “vital hydration for a life in motion” -- that don’t really speak to what’s inside the bottle. The disclosure of what’s inside isn’t found until you get to the lower portion of the bottle, where WellWell lists the ingredients: watermelon, tart cherry, and biodynamic lemons.

But, the liquid inside the bottle is both unique and excellent tasting. Pairing the tartness of cherry, the light summery flavor of watermelon, and the sharpness of lemon makes for a  very flavorful, well-balanced combo. The product has some sweetness (30g of sugars and 150 calories per bottle), but it doesn’t taste too sweet and, since it’s 100 percent juice with no sugar added, tastes accurate to the fruits. As you drink it, the watermelon, which is clearly the primary juice used in the product, starts to make its way to your palate. This not only helps lure you back in for more, but sets it apart and elevates it above straight watermelon or tart cherry juice (their potential immediate  competition).

On the outside, WellWell has done a great job with this flavor and the packaging has a unique look. We have a few concerns about what the company has created, however. First and foremost is that it’s a single-SKU brand. This creates a challenge in that if the consumer isn’t in the mood for this flavor, they’re moving on to another brand. With HPP competitors making it a practice to have many flavor offerings, this potentially puts WellWell at a serious disadvantage and makes it hard to develop this as a brand. Yes, other brands have done this (e.g. Harmless Harvest), but what they are offering is generally simpler and more straightforward. Second, we are concerned that they’ve taken the design and messaging a bit too far towards the functional end of the scale. There’s almost nothing on the bottle that speaks to the senses, which doesn’t feel like the best strategy for a product of this type. 

So where does this leave WellWell? While we appreciate its unique approach, we feel as though the company will need to dial it down a little bit to make this product a real commercial success. That’s not to say that it should just do what everyone else is doing, but rather that the company should factor in the sensory side of things. If it can successfully do that and maintain the brand's identity, we think it has a great foundation to work with.

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