Jagermeister Reaches Out to Hispanic Consumers with New “Sin Igual” Campaign

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., Feb. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Jägermeister, 7th largest premium spirit brand in the world that is deeply rooted in history and heritage, announces the launch of the brand’s first campaign ever developed to reach America’s fastest growing population, Hispanics. “Sin Igual,” which translates to “Like No Other,” is a unique campaign that parallels the shared passion, uniqueness and cultural roots that both the liquor and Latinos proudly share.

Recognizing the shifting demographics in America, Jägermeister is embracing the importance of celebrating the cultural diversity of our consumers. “The launch of Sin Igual marks the beginning of a pivotal journey that we seek to expand upon,” says Amanda Blanco, Vice President of Marketing for Jägermeister at Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc. “We are excited to bring to life a unique campaign platform that celebrates the strong heritage and social essence that both Jägermeister and Hispanics share. We are thrilled to be offering the U.S. Hispanic market the opportunity to be recognized authentically while also becoming part of their celebrations among family and friends.”

Jagermaister SinIgual

Staying true to the brand’s daring authentic and iconic spirit, the “Sin Igual” campaign was developed by following a non-traditional approach of randomly selecting every day Latinos while out with friends. Without any styling, makeup, model casting or the formal setup of a studio, the campaign now features the faces of Juan Salas Jr., Aaron Alexander Correa, and Andres Leyva, who embody the cultural diversity, essence and untold stories that Jägermeister proudly celebrates. These images were captured by award-winning Mexican-American photographer, Stefan Ruiz.

“I have always had an interest in the contrast of the world, how different people live in different ways, and Jägermeister’s Sin Igual is a project where I was able to capture the faces of real people and where each portrait speaks for itself,” said Ruiz, whose work has been exhibited in the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Details, L’Uomo and Vogue.

With a keen focus on Houston, where 44 percent of the population is Hispanic according to the U.S. Census, Jägermeister’s Sin Igual campaign features out-of-home billboards in high visibility intersections, social sharing of #SINIGUAL, and an experiential showcase from February through March, inviting consumers to participate in real-time photo shoots to be featured on Jagersinigual.com. Join the social conversation using #SINIGUAL or at Jagersinigual.com.


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