RAFT Syrups Launches Essentials Line: All Natural, Affordable Syrups for Cocktails and Sodas

Portland, OR; September 14, 2016 – RAFT Botanical Syrups is excited to announce the launch of its Essentials line. Starting with six flavors – Simple, Vanilla, Lime, Ginger, Grenadine, and Orgeat – this line of basic syrups offers an all natural, small-batch alternative for cocktail and soda making.

“We believe great drinks can only be made with the best ingredients,” says founder Genevieve Brazelton. “We wanted to provide a high quality syrup with no preservatives or ‘extra’ ingredients that bars, restaurants, and home bartenders could count on.” In addition to using organic cane sugar as the base of all their syrups, Genevieve and Dan Brazelton, the duo behind RAFT, source as many of their additional ingredients from sustainable, fair trade sources as possible. The aim was to offer an alternative to the mass market syrups that used real ingredients not flavoring or coloring, something that tasted real. All this doesn’t mean that they’re priced out of reach though. It’s very important to the Brazeltons that the Essentials line remain accessible with a SRP of $10-$12 for 375ml.

RAFT Syrups Launches Essentials Line: All Natural, Affordable Syrups for Cocktails and Sodas

The Essentials line builds off the already established Botanical line of syrups featuring the flavors Hibiscus Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Citrus Rosemary, and Smoked Tea Vanilla and extends the companies commitment to creating all natural, high quality syrups for cocktails and sodas. “The label says it all. Often listing only two or three ingredients. Simple, essential syrups!” states Brazelton.

The Full Portfolio

RAFT Syrups is part of the Improper Goods, LLC family along with The Bitter Housewife cocktail bitters. Everything is handcrafted in small batches in the company’s own facility in NE Portland.

For more information on RAFT Syrups, the Essentials line or The Bitter Housewife contact sales@impropergoods.com. For media inquiries contact Genevieve Brazelton at genevieve@thebitterhousewife.com.

About Improper Goods, LLC

Improper Goods, LLC makes small-batch, handcrafted ingredients for your cocktails under the brands The Bitter Housewife and RAFT Syrups.

Seven years ago Genevieve Brazelton started tinkering with making her own bitters. After tasting side by side with Angostura, there was no going back. Soon a quest to make the perfect bitters for an Old Fashioned became the start of a company, The Bitter Housewife, and a full line of bitters.

After several years of collaboration with RAFT Syrups, the two companies merged in early 2016 and Improper Goods, LLC was formed.