RIPE Juice Partners with Brescome Barton

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Today, RIPE Juice announced its unique partnership with Brescome Barton, Inc. to offer its fresh, cold-pressed, Craft Juiceä and Bar Juiceâ to even more liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout the state of Connecticut. This comes on the heels of massive expansion into the retail space as RIPE arrives in produce coolers of more than 1500 stores nationwide.

On-Premise Partnership

The local partnership with Connecticut’s largest distributor of beer, wine and spirits paves the way for innovative spirit distributors across the country to offer RIPE’s first-to-market selection of cold-pressed juices and mixers, crafted fresh daily with 100% traceable, GlobalGAP-certified produce.

All RIPE™ products are crafted, moved and sold cold, requiring an experienced distributor like Brescome Barton that understands the crucial role of temperature control in both quality and safety. Together, RIPE and Brescome Barton have developed a proprietary method to keep the product below 45°F at all times, including in non-refrigerated trucks on smaller routes or for pilot programs.

“Adding RIPE’s Bar Juiceâ and Craft Juicesä to our catalog is a win-win,” said Brett Calkins, Director of Trade Development at Brescome Barton. “We can offer a more complete selection to our on-premise accounts statewide, and RIPE’s exceptional juices will reach customers that haven’t previously had access to them. It’s always been a challenge to find truly high-quality mixers to pair with our super premium spirits, and we’re glad that we now have a complete solution to offer our accounts.”

RIPE is well-established in on-premise service. Since 2016, the juice line has been the fresh juice mixer of choice for TAO Group properties in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, in addition to the Las Vegas MGM Grand’s Wet Republic and Hakkasan, the Levy Restaurant Group in T-Mobile Arena, and Brooklyn’s expansive Avant Gardner event complex.

“This partnership represents an ideal go-to-market strategy for us in the on-premise channel, and we’re beyond excited to see it come to life,” said Michel Boissy, RIPE’s CEO and founder. “Working with the fantastic team at Brescome Barton, we’ll prove that this is a successful, scalable model for innovative spirit distributors in key markets nationwide.”

Retail Expansion

The company’s exciting breakthrough in on-premise distribution comes at a time when RIPE is also expanding its retail portfolio, securing rapid distribution in an additional 1500 stores. RIPE is scheduled to roll out by Q2 of 2018 in the produce coolers of reputable grocers including Big Y, Shaw’s, Giant, Walmart, and Safeway. The brand is already well-established at Whole Foods Market, Albertsons, Hannaford, HEB, and Ahold banners among others. The RIPE team is ramping up production and adding jobs at its New Haven plant in preparation for its rapid growth.

“We’ve anticipated the increase in demand and continue to craft to order and deliver on time,” Boissy said. “We know that as palates evolve, more and more people will crave fresh, clean-label beverage options, and RIPE is proud to be positioned as the nation’s first cold pressed, HPP juice providing 100% traceability and best-in-class quality at a sustainable, appealing price.”

RIPE Craft Juice consists of seven SKUs in simple, family-friendly varieties like cranberry, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, pineapple, and apple, but with the fresh-pressed taste that the unique bottling process provides. RIPE Bar Juiceâ is available in seven classic cocktail blends made with completely natural, traceable ingredients. Their innovative cold-craft process extends the juice’s shelf life to 90 days FOB (chilled) without the use of any preservatives, ever. Every bit of produce used in RIPE Craft Juices is 100% traceable to RIPE’s carefully curated portfolio of GlobalGAP-certified growers.

About RIPE Juice

Founded in 2008 in Wallingford, Connecticut, by two friends who wanted a better margarita, RIPE juices are cold-pressed, high-pressure preserved, and 100% traceable. RIPE Craft Juice consists of accessible, simple varieties, and RIPE Bar Juiceâ elevates the ordinary cocktail mixer to something worth celebrating. RIPE juices are always free of concentrates, preservatives and fillers, and are gluten free and non-GMO. RIPE employs 95 people at its Craft Juicery headquartered in New Haven. Find RIPE™ at grocers, restaurants and bars nationwide, and learn more at