Nomad Spirits Co. Announces Launch of Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Nomad Spirits Company announced the launch of their flagship spirits brand Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila, “The birth child of innovation and great taste.”

A new premium tequila made with 100% Weber Blue Agave sourced from the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila is handcrafted, made in small batches and bottled in mouth blown, crystal glass pieces of art handmade by expert glass artisans.

Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila is made with mature blue agave through a combination of traditional and modern methods. The mix of a smooth, amazing tasting tequila with each sip highlighted by notes such as blue agave, citrus, olive & vanilla and leading modern technology makes for a unique cocktail combination like you’ve never experienced before.

Due to the bottles’ unique manufacturing processes, no two bottles are exactly alike, physically or digitally. Consumers will be able to verify the authenticity of the product simply through a tap of their phone to the bottle, helping to fight against product counterfeiting.

The Nomad Spirits Company’s groundbreaking implementation of NFC and blockchain technology offers the end consumer increased levels of product security, authentication & interaction, while increasing transparency in the supply chain for all participants involved. Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila has been featured at several intelligent/smart packaging conferences such as the AIPIA Smart Packaging Conference in the Netherlands, and US based E-Pack US & Smart Pack US conferences for its innovation in product packaging.

Features and benefits of Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila include but are not limited to:

  • Embedded NFC chips providing higher levels of product authentication and consumer interaction through extras & perks post purchase accessible exclusively through the bottles such as merch or private events
  • More effective chain of custody management, each bottle has a unique digital ID that will be registered on the blockchain as an authentic product
  • Luxury snakeskin textured box with viewing window and satin lining

Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila will be released in limited quantities in the following tequila profiles: Plata, Reposado, Añejo & Extra Añejo Cristalino.

About Nomad Spirits Company:

The Nomad Spirits Company is a US based, federally licensed importer of premium distilled spirits, enhanced with innovative technologies.

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