Elenita Launches In The Pacific Northwest With Columbia Distributing

Elenita, the world’s first sparkling mezcal RTD, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Columbia Distributing in Washington State for its debut in the Pacific Northwest.

Through its partnership with Columbia, Elenita will be distributing its full portfolio of four flavors along with an eight can variety pack. The initial launch will be in independent liquor stores, regional grocery chains, and on-premise accounts, with launch in National Accounts anticipated by the Spring of 2022. Elenita will also be rolling out with Columbia’s Northern California branch, covering Sonoma and Morin Counties, with a target launch date of early November.

“We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with Columbia Distributing and about the opportunity the Pacific Northwest represents for Elenita” said Elenita Co-founder and CEO Jordan Dil. “Seattle is an up-and-coming mezcal market and has a consumer base that is actively looking for new and interesting products. Columbia’s teams in both the PNW and NorCal have already shown us their best-in-class sales execution capabilities and understanding of what we are aiming to build with Elenita. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to scaling Elenita with them.”

“We are really excited to be expanding our portfolio into agave spirits, one of the hottest categories in the business.” said Columbia Chief Growth Officer, Jesse Ferber. “A brand that has the heritage of traditional mezcal with the convenience of a can gives is an unmatched opportunity to offer mescal to the masses.  We’ve tasted a ton of new RTD entries and Elenita stood out above most others.”

Crafted with 100% Agave Espadín Mezcal, an artisanal mezcal distilled in Oaxaca, Elenita is bold, authentic, and a little unexpected. The smokey nectar is combined with natural ingredients, juices, and sparkling water to create an easy drinking, balanced flavor profile. Bottled in colorful, beautifully designed 12oz slim cans with 5% ABV, Elenita’s distinct flavors include Cucumber Lime Basil, Pineapple Jalapeno, Strawberry Mule, and Passionfruit Paloma. Elenita aims to bring the vibrant and nuanced world of mezcal and Mexican culture into people’s everyday moments. The company welcomed two new flavors in May – a light and refreshing twist on a classic mule cocktail, the Strawberry Mule mixes Elenita’s iconic mezcal with fresh strawberries and ginger for added complexity, where the Passionfruit Paloma combines juicy passionfruit and grapefruit to complement and balance the agave’s unique flavor.

About Elenita

Elenita was founded by friends and classmates Jordan Dil and Mikel Noriega during their MBA at UCLA Anderson. Looking to break out of the traditional corporate mold, and follow a less traveled entrepreneurial path, they were inspired by their love of mezcal to create something new and special. On their trips to Oaxaca and Mexico City, the two, along with friends, immersed themselves in the world of mezcal and experienced the entirety of its mysticism, and soon after, Elenita was born. Encouraged by evolving consumer excitement around mezcal, the fastest growing spirit in the U.S., and by the thriving demand for convenient, yet high-quality Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverage options, they knew the time was right to embark on their Elenita journey. The brand is just over one year old and expanding distribution, as more-and-more retailers are captivated by the first Sparkling Mezcal RTD. For more information on Elenita, please visit drinkelenita.com.

About Columbia

Since 1935, Columbia Distributing has helped build some of the best-known brands in the beverage business. Today Columbia Distributing and its 3,000 employees service over 22,000 retail customers covering more than 171,000 square miles in Oregon, Washington and California. Columbia’s success is based on the deep-rooted tradition of delivering quality products, timely service and a genuine concern for customers’ needs. This is achieved by providing ongoing, sustainable opportunities and growth for its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and communities. For more information on Columbia Distributing, including employment opportunities, please visit coldist.com.

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