Maison Villevert Set To Triple Turnover By Investing in Global Distribution

French premium spirits company Maison Villevert has announced the completion of their third distribution operation (after Spain and France) following the purchase of a majority stake in UK’s Paragon Brands and has now set sights on China.

The significant investment confirms the Cognac based French spirits specialist has moved into a second phase of their strategy to become one of the leading independent spirit producers in the world.

“In our 20 year history Maison Villevert has been completely focused on product, innovations, building assets and structure, developing production and created brands” says Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, oenologist, master distiller and founder of Maison Villevert. “Now we will be less dependent on others and open our own distribution units through mergers and/or acquisitions. We have set our sights for the long haul and are looking at distribution growth further afield in countries such as China”.

Maison Villevert has a successful track record of building distribution networks in both France and Spain, in both territories they started with nothing and within five years now boast an extremely well respected outfit.

“We will replicate in the UK the successes we have had in Spain and France building up our brand distribution to be able to strongly invest beyond their development and identified Paragon as the perfect partner for this. The forecast is triple our current turnover within the next five years,” says Maison Villevert’s export director Guillaume Villerabel who oversees international developments.

Paragon Brands are known for their enviable range of unique spirits, expertise in forecasting trends and leading the way in the introduction of innovative brands to market, a philosophy that Maison Villevert shares following success with the creation of 10 brands sold internationally since 2001 including G’Vine Floraison, Nouaison Gin, June Gin, Excellia Tequila, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal and La Guilde du Cognac.

“From the outset we knew that Maison Villevert was the right partner for Paragon Brands with shared goals and values focused on quality brand development” says Chris Jones, founder of Paragon Brands. “The investment from Maison Villevert will enable Paragon to continue on its expansion trajectory, delivering value and sales growth for both the Maison Villevert portfolio and the wider Paragon range of premium drinks brands” Jones adds.

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