Sailor Jerry Continues #SupportYourArtist Global Programe To Honor Tattoo Craftsmanship

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is honoring craftsmanship, the brand’s tattoo heritage and the legacy of the legendary tattoo artist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins with a global social media campaign centered around a custom handmade plinko gifted to top traditional tattoo parlors as voted for by consumers.

The global social media campaign will see consumers around the world vote for their favorite tattoo shop to receive one of three custom plinkos and receive a stash of limited edition Sailor Jerry Tiger Spit Balm goodies as the prize for their winning nomination.

The plinko giveaway is a continuation of Sailor Jerry’s #SupportYourArtist program designed to give back to Sailor Jerry’s core creative communities with this campaign shining a light on tattoo artists and craftsmanship and bringing some random “all in” fun to people’s lives.

A plinko is a game of chance renowned in tattoo circles, as brave punters put a puck in the top of the board and wherever it lands determines which tattoo they’ll get. It’s the kind of stupid fun that works well in the tattoo world and adds a lot of value to the theatre in the shop, which is why plinkos are so highly valued by the tattoo community.

To get involved, consumers simply need to tag their favorite tattoo shop on Instagram to nominate them to win a plinko and some collaborative Tiger Spit Balm x Sailor Jerry goodies.

Nominated tattoo shops will then be entered into a head to head competition that will take place on Sailor Jerry’s IG stories, which will shine a light on consumers’ favourite tattoo shops and encourage followers to vote for their favorite from those shortlisted. Winners will be announced each week.

Tattoo shops will win one of three fully customised Sailor Jerry Plinkos and a care package including Sailor Jerry merch and Tiger Spit Balm gear. The nominating consumers will also receive an exclusive Sailor Jerry Tiger Spit Balm care package.

Sailor Jerry went all in with the creation of these plinkos, commissioning renowned plinko artist Cristain Roldan, who handmakes and paints each plinko to spec. The winning tattoo shop’s logo will proudly be showcased in the middle of the plinko and the artist will decide which six flashes they’ll use in the plinko.

Phil DeAngulo, owner of Memorial Brooklyn Tattoo, who was gifted the first custom Sailor Jerry plinko comments: “The craftsmanship of the Sailor Jerry plinko board is beautiful. I can’t wait to see how much fun our clients will have playing and all the rad tattoos we’ll get to make from it! We’re honored to have this piece of art at the shop.”

Cristain Roldan, adds: “It was a great pleasure to trace with my brush the strokes of Sailor Jerry’s designs. I will always be grateful to have taken part in this project giving back to the tattoo & creative communities of the world.”

Sailor Jerry kicked off the #SupportYourArtist initiative back in April 2020 by purchasing a host of tattoos from 11 artists from around the globe while shops were closed during the pandemic and gifting them to consumers – providing much needed cash flow at a time when they couldn’t do business. As shops reopened, Sailor Jerry partnered with King Pin to distribute $80,000 of tattoo supplies as tattoo parlors. The plinko project is a continuation of the #SupportYourArtist program, and is designed to bring a little fun and random excitement into the lives of tattoo enthusiasts.

Gemma Kane, Sailor Jerry Global Brand & Cultural Ambassador, comments: “As a company through William Grant & Son’s StandFast initiative we’ve looked to support the bar community through the pandemic. As a brand we also wanted to remember and support the tattoo community, as so much of our heritage is tied up in keeping alive the legacy of Norman Sailor Jerry Collins through the work he continues to inspire today. We’re in it for the long haul and forever thinking of creative ways to help creators get back on their feet and drum up trade post-pandemic. The plinko project is a fun way to bring together both tattoo fans and support tattoo artists while shining a light on the great work that they do. And we think letting fate decide what ink you get is the kind of whole-assed fun Norman would have approved of.”


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