Spa Girl Cocktails Debuts New Sparkling Cocktails Collection

San Diego, CA – Spa Girl Cocktails, the plant-based, better-for-you, premium vodka cocktail, has launched its new sparkling cocktails collection in three favors including pineapple, strawberry and fresh vodka soda. These new sparkling vodka martinis are available in a 4-pack, 250ml cans. Made with Spa Girl Cocktails’ same award-winning, premium vodka, and all-natural ingredients, they have put a bubbly twist on the delicious cocktail you know and love.

“Perfect for your celebrations, virtual happy hours or just for a wind down beverage, our Sparkling Cocktails are easy to serve. Just open and drink straight from the can chilled or over ice,” says Spa Girl Cocktails CEO Alisa Beyer. “When determining flavors, we researched what our customers wanted in a sparking version. We wanted to shine with exciting new sparkling flavors new to the market.”

Sparkling Cocktails Collection Flavor Descriptions

Fresh Vodka Soda: Refreshing and crisp, Fresh is the simplest form of our classic, fresh and clean flavors. The perfect Pure Vodka Soda, the Fresh flavor truly speaks for itself.

Strawberry: If your idea of the perfect drink is superb vodka and sparkling water, swirled with the taste of fresh strawberry fields—you’re welcome.

Pineapple: Tastes like escaping to a Tahitian island.  A juicy burst of flavor that’s a little crisp and a little sweet, always bubbly and bright.

“Our philosophy has always been less is more when it comes to flavor profiles,” Alisa adds. “At 11.5% ABV we are the highest %, lowest calories and best tasting Sparkling Cocktail out there with a hint of flavor.”

Spa Girl Cocktails Sparking Cocktail Collections offers three plant-based, vegan and gluten free flavors and each 3oz serving is only 66 calories, 2 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of sugar.

“Our beverages deliver the punch of a powerful cocktail without the guilt,” Alisa believes. “Now with our new flavors, our customers have more healthy, clean options for canned cocktails.”

12 pack MSRP: $49.99; 24 pack MSRP: $89.99

About Spa Girl Cocktails, Inc.

Spa Girl Cocktails the #1 best-selling premium Vodka Martini Cocktail. Say hello to #1 best-selling premium Vodka Martini Cocktail, also named the top 3 canned cocktail of 2020 by Good Housekeeping. Spa Girl Cocktails brings you a better buzz – a new way to enjoy cleaner, better-for-you, plant-based, insanely delicious cocktails. Distilled and bottled in Southern California, these high-quality, premium vodka cocktails are masterfully infused with all-natural flavors, allowing you to sip and serve on the rocks, or enhance with a few healthy ingredients. Say goodbye to boring vodka sodas or complicated recipes, expensive mixers and sugary, artificial, overly flavored cocktails. Say hello to Spa Girl Cocktails, which can be purchased at; and is available at select Albertsons, Bevmo!, Bristol Farms, CVS, Lazy Acres, Pavilions, Ralphs, Safeway, Save Mart, Total Wine & More, Vons, and Whole Foods.

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