Tequila Enemigo Soars To New Heights With National Expansion And New Parnerships

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Tequila Enemigo, a brand born out of difference and a relentless focus on quality, has disrupted the Tequila industry with their record shattering awards garnered, exclusive partnerships, and innovative experiences. Since the start of the year, Tequila Enemigo has launched in 17 states, and expects this rapid expansion to continue into a total of 28 states for the end of a breakout 2021. Sales have increased by 400% in the last year. Tequila Enemigo is imported by Trinity Wine & Spirits, a National Importer and marketer of premium wines & spirits with presence in 50 states. Named the most celebrated Tequila, Tequila Enemigo has been awarded 14 Double Gold Awards, 5 Tequila of the Year Awards, and 53 Total Awards since their launch in 2017, more than any other brand on the market. In the last year alone, Tequila Enemigo has won 10 Double Gold Awards and Tequila of the Year Awards across their two expressions: Enemigo 89 Añejo Cristalino and Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo. Tequila Enemigo was envisioned and brought to life by Robin Clough, Sebastian Gonzalez, and Max Davies-Gilbert to challenge the standards of ultra-premium Tequila, and is crafted from the finest selection of ripe, lowland 100% Blue Weber Agave in the center of the town of Tequila and is uniquely aged in new American oak barrels.

“’Enemigo’ is Spanish for enemy, and we strive to challenge the standards of what Tequila should be,” says Robin Clough of Tequila Enemigo. “2021 has been a breakout year for us with rapid national expansion with major distribution across the United States. Since our inception we have strived to produce a liquid that’s regarded for its purity and simplicity, and we think our awards garnered, milestone growth, and partnership with Latitude 33 Aviation speak to that.”

Made from 100% of the finest Blue Weber Agave, Tequila Enemigo has created two award-winning expressions: Añejo Cristalino 89 (SRP: $65.00) was named after the 89 iterations created to perfect the now award-winning expression. Clean, fresh, elegant, and refined, Tequila Enemigo Añejo Cristalino 89 is a Tequila so pure it should be sipped, and what better way to do that than from the purest symbol of elegance and celebration: a flute. Floral and vanilla notes initially appear, and as the flavor develops, hints of refreshing lowland agave with delicate minerality. Extra Añejo 00 (SRP: $150.00) was named as the liquid was flawless from its inception. Luxurious, iconic, complex, Tequila Enemigo Extra Añejo 00 is meant to be savored and celebrated and truly the refined whisky or Scotch drinker’s Tequila. A combination of oak, tobacco and demerara sugar initially appear, followed by strong agave flavors.

Beginning in October, Tequila Enemigo will kick off the brand’s latest partnership with Latitude 33 Aviation, California’s premier company for private jet charter, aircraft management, and aircraft sales. Presenting the epitome of luxury and lifestyle, Latitude 33 Aviation will offer Tequila Enemigo across their fleet of aircraft starting next month and will be expanding the partnership to include a number of exclusive experiences over the coming years. Tequila Enemigo will be available upon request across their fleet of aircraft in the United States. Beyond sipping this premium Tequila from a flute glass in the sky, Latitude 33 Aviation and Tequila Enemigo will be offering several unique experiences over the coming year including a winter snow getaway and Tequila experience in Aspen, as well as a trip to the distillery in Mexico.

“When we were presented with an opportunity to partner with Tequila Enemigo, I could not think of a better brand to partner with because of our related brand missions of delivering a superior experience within a saturated industry,” says Brian Haffeman, Marketing Manager of Latitude 33 Aviation. “Like Tequila Enemigo, Latitude 33 Aviation continues to bring the highest quality product to market and lets that do the talking for us.”

Latitude 33 Aviation delivers the finest in air travel with the culmination of safety, luxury, and lifestyle, dedicated for every client. The variety of aircraft services has made Latitude 33 Aviation a trusted partner in private jet management, charter, and sales through legendary service.

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About Tequila Enemigo

Tequila Enemigo was born out of difference, not conformity, and a relentless focus on quality. Brought to life in 2017 by Robin Clough, Sebastian Gonzalez, and Max Davies-Gilbert, the trio set out to change the status quo of Premium Tequila. Now named the most celebrated Tequila, Tequila Enemigo has been awarded 14 Double Gold Awards, 5 Tequila of the Year Awards, and 53 Total Awards. Made from 100% of the finest Blue Weber Agave, filtered mineral rich water of the Volcán de Tequila, and aged in custom, handmade new American Oak Barrels, Tequila Enemigo showcases a flavor profile and position in the market unlike any other Tequila brand. Tequila Enemigo’s award winning expressions include the Añejo Cristalino 89 and Extra Añejo 00 that both walk the line between tradition and rebellion, giving the sipper a unique and meaningful experience.

About Trinity Wine & Spirits

Trinity Wine & Spirits (TWS) is a privately owned premium wine & spirits importer, national sales organization and regional wholesaler in NY, NJ, and PA. TWS is dedicated to offering products of superior quality and character within a diverse portfolio that span over 140 brands, 700 unique products from over 20 countries.

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Latitude 33 Aviation manages one of the newest and largest fleets of light, midsize, and super-midsize jets in North America. Founded in 2006 in Carlsbad, California and led by two ambitious pilots looking to redefine the private aviation experience, Latitude 33 Aviation is the premier private jet charter, executive jet management, and aircraft sales and acquisitions company that serves a wide variety of travelers and destinations around the world. Welcoming only a discerning selection of new aircraft to their evolving fleet, Latitude 33 elevates the luxury travel experience through high-touch service and ultra-tailored travel. From pre-arrival and in-flight amenities to one-of-a-kind destination experiences, Latitude 33 Aviation curates memorable and customized journeys for passengers. Currently, the company manages 35 client-owned private business jets located throughout Latitude 33 Aviation is part of the top five percent of U.S. private jet charter operators to achieve the stringent ARGUS Platinum safety rating.

For charter quotes and information on Latitude 33 Aviation’s services, visit L33Jets.com or call 1-800-840-0310.

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