Official Brand Overview

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky | Welcome to the official Facebook for The Glenrothes Whisky | You must be of legal drinking age to follow & use our hashtags. At The Glenrothes we believe that whisky is a bit like people; or wine perhaps, in that it matures in casks at its own gentle pace. Sometimes this takes longer than expected, sometimes we’re surprised early. But whether it’s a Vintage, a Single Cask or one of our House Reserves, we only ever bottle The Glenrothes when we deem it to be at its peak of maturity to ensure that each unique selection is ready to enjoy at its very, very best. - In order to provide our fans with whisky inspiration, we share images from a wide range of sources – including commissioned work, news portals, stock photography sites, bloggers, and our community. We always try to credit the imagery we use, but if you see something that shouldn’t be featured, please email and we’ll respond right away. Likewise, if you have any wonderful images you’d like to show off, we'd love to see them! Simply share them with us at the same address, along with a caption. And remember, please drink responsibly.

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