Official Brand Overview

ZUZI is a Spiked Cold Brew like no other, meant to leave your taste buds saying "WOW"! This Austin, TX based brand,  was created to bring something new to the RTD market. Made with premium ingredients, this 200 ml (6.76 fl oz) RTD cocktail is extremely smooth with a powerful 10% ABV, it contains natural caffeine from its 100% arabica coffee and is made with premium sweeteners to let you enjoy it without feeling (that much) guilty. This spiked cold brew is not only for coffee, carajillo, or espresso martini lovers but for those who don't drink coffee often or at all. It was carefully designed to meet everyone's tastebuds with a kick, that leaves you feeling like a new person. It is for a brunch, for a lunch, and for an evening munch, your name it and ZUZI's taste fits in every single category of your day.  So, try ZUZI out and let it speak for itself and directly to your tastebuds! ENJOY!

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