IRI: Repurchasing, Service Consolidation Driving E-Commerce Gains

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The explosive growth of e-commerce in CPG was one of the biggest stories to emerge from the pandemic, with sales rising to an estimated $175 billion in 2020, according to a recent report by market research group IRI. Looking ahead to the second half of this year and beyond, retention of new shoppers, increasing comfort buying CPG online and acceleration of investments by leading retailers in online capabilities is set to drive expansion of online grocery further, representing an estimated 12% of total edible sales. 

In this interview, Sam Gagliardi, Executive Vice President for E-Commerce at IRI, unpacked some of the big takeaways from the report, including the current relationship between online and in-person shopping, the impact of consolidation amongst major e-commerce outlets, how immediate consumption and impulse purchasing fit into the mix, the need for retailers to prioritize driving traffic, and more.