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Last Updated: 10/9/2013 10:29 AM

Harmless Harvest’s Cinnamon & Clove 100% Raw Coconut Water is a “seasonal” product that is being introduced for the 2013 holiday season (it’s launching in early November in Whole Foods nationwide). As far as flavor goes, it’s definitely something that’s unique and creative, almost to a fault (at least from a natural appeal perspective). However, it actually tastes quite good, with the spice of the cinnamon and clove providing a natural counterbalance to the sweet flavor of the coconut water. Plus, the natural saltiness of the coconut water ties the flavors together in such a way that it feels like a smooth and cohesive blend. All in all, it’s definitely a well-executed flavor and one that certainly feels like something that’s appropriate for the cold weather time of the year. On the outside, we really like what the company has done, with a red accent color in place of the green that’s used on its flagship product. This should definitely grab some eyes; red is not a color that’s used very often in the coconut water category (and, perhaps, makes it something that should be used on a year-round line extension). However, as much as we like the uniqueness of product and found it to be enjoyable to drink, we honestly can’t say that this flavor whets the appetite as well as Harmless Harvest's flagship product or flavor extensions from competing brands. That said, it seems like a very wise idea to make the product a seasonal offering. Consumers who like to try new things -- or maybe who just don’t find coconut water overly appealing when it gets cold outside -- will definitely not be disappointed. Overall, high points for creativity and execution, but this product definitely feels like it has a much tighter niche appeal than the original.


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