Kristian Regále Launches Two Sparkling Juice Varieties

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn & ALLENDALE, N.J. — Kristian Regále, Inc. is proud to announce the March 2018 launch of two new, unique, delicious, and refreshing premium sparkling juice varieties: Kristian Regále Strawberry-Apple-Lemon and Kristian Regále Apple-Mango-Passionfruit. These two new products will join the existing lineup of Kristian Regále’s Swedish-style, premium sparkling fruit juices.

In terms of flavor profiles, both new varieties are light & refreshing, while simultaneously highlighting the bold complexity of their unique ingredients. Kristian Regále Strawberry-Apple-Lemon offers robust notes of strawberry and apple at the forefront and a slight hint of lemon at the end of every sip. Kristian Regále Apple-Mango-Passionfruit boasts a taste that is sumptuously sweet and playfully tart. The mango provides a deliciously tropical flavor while the passionfruit adds a bit of bite.

Casey Beard, GM & COO of Kristian Regále, Inc., commented: “We could not be more excited to introduce these two new Kristian Regále varieties. This introduction is the first line extension the company has offered in 12 years! We wanted to provide consumers with something that is a uniquely delicious flavor experience from our current offerings, yet still familiar, appealing, and approachable. Of course, we stayed committed to the ‘better-for-you’ ingredients and elegant flavor profiles that Kristian Regále consumers have loved for over thirty years. We have gone to great lengths to create two new all-natural sparkling juices that will appeal to the sophisticated tastes, aspirational demands, and fun nature of our consumers.”

Kristian Regále Strawberry-Apple-Lemon and Apple-Mango-Passionfruit will launch regionally in March 2018 at the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience in Minneapolis, MN.  A national rollout of the two new varieties will follow shortly thereafter.  Packaged elegantly in 750 ml glass bottles with pastel color labels, the packaging and flavor profiles of these new products were designed to stand out on shelves. Suggested retail is $3.49-3.99 per bottle.

Kristian Regále sparkling juices are always 100% all-natural, alcohol-free, GMO free, gluten free, caffeine free, and Kosher certified. Kristian Regále’s European recipes produce a distinguished, light, crisp, and refreshing taste that pairs great with any kind of food. In addition to the two new varieties, the existing Kristian Regále brand lineup includes Apple, Black Currant, Lingonberry-Apple, Peach, Pear, and Pomegranate-Apple.

About Kristian Regále, Inc.

Kristian Regále, Inc. makes the world’s finest lineup of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. Founded in 1987 in Hudson, WI, the company’s products are sold internationally under three brands – Kristian Regále, FRÏSA, and Sparkling Ridge – as well as through private label relationships with major retail outlets.  Kristian Regále, Inc. products are widely distributed across America, Canada, and select countries around the globe. The company’s namesake brand is the top selling Swedish-Style Sparkling Juice Drink in the United States.

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