MatchaBar Launches First Matcha Energy Drink

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Matcha industry game changer MatchaBar has brought another innovative drink to market – introducing MatchaBar: Hustle, the first Matcha Energy Drink powered by an exclusive blend of ceremonial grade matcha.

Ambition is running rampant; everyone wants to change the world, be an “entrepreneur,” or think differently…and that is a good thing! But the world doesn’t need more Energy (they’ve got it); they need Focus. MatchaBar delivers a Better Energy, a natural edge for today’s hustle. Due to its caffeine, l-theanine, and antioxidants, matcha has been positioned as a functional beverage – a healthy alternative to coffee/espresso or energy drinks.

More than a green drink, more than a loud energy drink, MatchaBar is a leader in the quickly growing matcha industry. Sourced from a fifth-generation family farm in Nishio, Japan, its ceremonial grade matcha is a proprietary blend that inspires peak mental performance, way beyond the leagues of caffeine. MatchaBar’s exclusive blend of matcha is made from shade-grown green tea leaves ground into a fine powder using a traditional stone granite mill.

MatchaBar: Hustle ($2.99 SRP) offers 120mg of caffeine from seven ingredients with hints of lemon +lime in sparkling matcha energy drink, available sweetened or with 0g sugar. The unsweetened MatchaBar: Hustle has only 5 calories!

Original and Sugar-Free MatchaBar: Hustle will be rolling out this spring at both natural and conventional retailers, and available nationwide at Whole Foods in June. At $2.99 a can, find it wherever energy drinks are sold, as the MatchaBar brothers crack into a growing category thirsty for disruption. All natural, and no – the Hustle doesn’t come with wings!

About MatchaBar

Brothers Max & Graham Fortgang founded MatchaBar in 2014, planting their flag as the 1st matcha cafe in the country. MatchaBar’s flagship, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, became the catalyst of a nationwide infatuation with the powdered green elixir. Known for their innovative flavor combinations and unconventional marketing, MatchaBar fostered a passionate community that grew from New York to L.A.! MatchaBar currently operates stores in New York’s Chelsea & SoHo neighborhoods, as well as a third cafe in Los Angeles! Continuing their mission to bring matcha to the people, MatchaBar launched a ready-to-drink version of their matcha beverages to market in 2015 and the first matcha energy drink, “Hustle,” in 2018! MatchaBar currently sells into over 1,000accounts, including nationwide Whole Foods distribution. All the while, the brothers remain on a simple mission: to bring matcha to the people.