Erin Cabrey

Erin Cabrey

Editorial Assistant

Erin assists the editorial team at BevNET, NOSH and Brewbound. She is a graduate of Fordham University with a BA in Journalism.

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Poland Spring Announces Transition to 100% rPET by 2022

In its effort to remove the “single” from single-use plastic, Poland Spring today announced it has begun transitioning to recycled plastic (rPET) packaging across its still water portfolio, with the goal of reaching 100% rPET use by 2022.

FDA Issues Guidance on Date Labeling

From “Sell By” to “Best Before” to “Best If Used By,” the many ways in which CPG products are date coded are creating consumer confusion over how long food is actually safe to eat.

Press Clips: The Cultural Influence of AriZona Iced Tea

Last week, Eater analyzed the eternal cool factor of AriZona Iced Tea, the 99 cent 24 oz. gas station mainstay which hit shelves in 1992. The brand has withstood the test of time, somehow avoiding the trappings of trendy 90s nostalgia to become what Eater calls simply “a mood.”

Top Takeaways from SPINS’ Expo West Webinar Recap

Plant-based protein, dairy's efforts to regain relevance, and the continued ascent of CBD and hemp were a few of the major trends to emerge from Natural Products Expo West 2019, according to a show recap presented yesterday by market research group SPINS.

Press Clips: Indiana Lawmakers Seek Ban on Energy Drink Sales to Minors

Lawmakers in Indiana have proposed a bill to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, according to Tristate Homepage. If passed, Senate Bill 369, introduced on January 10, would make it a class C misdemeanor to “sell, give, or distribute an energy drink” to a minor.