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Jeffrey Klineman


As Editor-in-Chief of BevNET, Jeffrey Klineman oversees the organization's reporting across all of its web sites, as well as BevNET Magazine. Jeffrey is also responsible for developing the content for conferences like BevNET Live and Food and Beverage University (FBU). Jeffrey previously worked as a newspaper reporter for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, the Boston TAB and the Metrowest Daily News, and has freelanced for publications like Slate, Boston Magazine, Self, George, Commonwealth, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Jeffrey is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. A frequently-cited expert on the beverage industry, Jeffrey has also been named in Forbes as one of the 25 Most Influential Kingmakers in Consumer and Retail Companies. He is still trying to live that one down.

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Top 10 Stories of 2015: Our View

Here’s what we thought were the most important stories and trends that we followed throughout 2015.

Top 10 Stories of 2015: Your View

Our most viewed stories centered around distribution moves, legal issues, and strategic investment.

Kombucha’s Great Gas Cloud

A near-avalanche of filings about the relative alcohol and sugar content of a stunningly popular beverage.

MetaBrand, Schnell Part Ways

Responsibility for the firm will now lie with Debbie Wildrick and Craig Fortin, currently MetaBrand’s chief strategy officer and President and chief operating officer, respectively.

More From Core: Organics Up Next, Says Founder Collins

The six-SKU, five-calorie flavored water/juice blend, an organic and non-GMO certified, antioxidant-enhanced stablemate to water brand Core Hydration, is currently selling in Bristol Farms and a few other upscale groceries in Southern California right now, founder Lance Collins confirmed today

Harmless Harvest Adds CEO, COO

Fair trade-focused coconut water brand Harmless Harvest today announced that it is adding a pair of experienced big-company executives to help run the business.

Lemonade: The Simple Beverage with the Complex Picture

We don’t like to become the story, unless it actually furthers the story. So here’s the story: last month, we ran a set of IRI numbers on lemonade, and, well, we ticked off the folks at Calypso.

New on Project NOSH: Former Stirrings CEO Paul Nardone Takes the Reins at PopCorners

A lifetime food and beverage executive who has come in to navigate the late-stage expansion and sale of high-profile brands like Stirrings (sold to Seagram’s) and Immaculate Baking Co. (sold to General Mills), as well as a former CEO of Annie’s, Paul Nardone has joined fast-growing snack brand PopCorners as its CEO.

BevNET Exclusive: Suja CEO Jeff Church Talks Coke Investment

“Since we started, we’ve shipped over 40 million bottles of Suja,” Church said. “With Coke and the right construct of an arrangement, we could go from 40 million to a billion. It just gets us super-excited about the pathway to building a much bigger business.”