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16 Industry April Fools’ Pranks To Make You LOL

On Sunday, some of the industry’s biggest brands got into the April Fool’s Day spirit, announcing the launch of everything from trendy new flavors to line extensions that we all wished for, or rather, winced thinking about.

Sweet or Sour: Industry Responds to FDA Added Sugar Guidance

The FDA recently provided more context about how brands using natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup should handle the labeling of their sugar content on the new Nutrition Facts label. But the question is, does this guidance provide enough clarity to sweeten industry leaders on this added sugar callout?

IPA Proposes Probiotic Guidelines for Food

The nonprofit trade organization has submitted a proposal to create an updated definition and a set of “harmonized” international guidelines for the use of probiotics in foods and dietary supplements.

Target Acquires Shipt for $550 Million

The big box retailer announced today that it has agreed to acquire Shipt, Inc., a leading online same-day delivery platform, for $550 million in cash. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close before the end of the year, were not fully disclosed.

Taste Takeover: 5 Flavor Trends from BevNET Live

At last week’s BevNET Live in Santa Monica, California, flavor and extract companies predicted their taste trends of 2018. Here’s what they expect consumers to be craving most in the new year.

Bear Squeeze Wins New Beverage Showdown 14

Ketogenic meal shake maker Bear Squeeze emerged victorious from a group of five innovative early stage beverage brands participating in the final round of the Showdown, which closed out the second day of BevNET Live Winter 2017 at the Loews Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif.

Leveling Up: New Beverage Showdown 14 Finalists Named

Startup beverage brands Legacy Juice Works, Bear Squeeze, Zen Basil, KRā, Kabaki and Mixwell advanced to the finals of New Beverage Showdown 14 during day one of BevNET Live Winter 2017, moving one step closer to winning the grand prize of $10,000 in cash and prizes.

23 Food & Bev Innovators Land Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List

In the seventh iteration of Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 List list, 14 CPG innovators and entrepreneurs were recognized for being young adults who made major contributions to food and drink innovation in 2018.

NACS 2017: How the Trump Presidency Affects Convenience

While regulations and bills surrounding immigration, foreign policy and healthcare have been top of mind when discussing Donald Trump’s first year as president, many administration initiatives are having major implications across the food industry -- and those ripples are being felt from the USDA all the way to convenience stores.

Ganeden President Weighs In on Kerry Acquisition

Ganeden president Michael Bush explained to NOSH why he decided to trust his gut with his decision to sell the leading probiotic company to Irish global nutrition and food conglomerate, Kerry.

An In-Depth Look into OTA’s Lawsuit Against USDA

The lawsuit is striking nerves because of its potential impact on organic products using anything from dairy to eggs — and also due to its eerily familiar pattern to the current administration’s other recent handling of food regulation.

FDA Extends Nutrition Label Compliance Deadline to 2020

Under the Obama administration, brands had until July 26, 2018, to adjust all packaging. With the new extension, manufacturers with $10 million or more in annual food sales will now have until Jan. 1, 2020; manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual food sales have until Jan. 1, 2021.