Blue coloring — a reliable way to fail

Blue colored soft drinks never survive. Yes, I mean products that use blue colored fluid — not things like blueberry or the few other things in nature that have a hue that is naturally blue.

The greatest example of a blue failure is Pepsi Blue. Not only did it use blue coloring, but it even used the word “blue” in the name to call extra attention to it. There have been many many many energy drinks that use blue coloring that have attempted to make it in the market. Russell Simmons Def Con 3 is the only one that actually was memorable, but that’s more because Mr. Simmons is not the type of character you typically meet in this industry.

Anyway, since it is my job to now hypothesize about the inevitable failure of blue-colored products, I’d suggest that blue — especially that bright blue that’s usually used — is a color that is clearly not derived from nature and, therefore, in the subconscious mind of consumers, they don’t want to drink things that don’t have some loose tie to nature. Whether I’m right or wrong about that theory is open for debate, but the numbers don’t lie — blue drinks don’t sell.

Agree? Disagree? Is there a product that is blue and actually was commercially successful?? Feel free to post comments below.