BevNET's Ten Drinks to Watch for Summer 2007

We’ve just passed the halfway point for the year, so it seems only appropriate to take a quick look back at new products that were introduced in the first six months of 2007. 

In all, we’ve tried approximately 100 brands and 350 varieties/SKUs, which represents a fairly healthy year for the industry.  In case you were wondering, about 110 of those 350 varieties are energy drinks, 75 are water, 50 were carbonated soft drinks, and the rest were scattered across tea, juice, sports drink, and dairy.

 So, which ones do we think were the best?  Here’s the list of our  ten favorites, in no particular order:

BevNET’s “Ten Drinks to Watch for Summer 2007”:

  • Glaceau Vitamin Energy 
  • Function
  • Steaz Energy
  • Java Monster
  • Guru  Energy Drink
  • Sweet Leaf Lemonade Stand
  • Jones Pure Cane Soda
  • O Beverages Infused
  • Izze Esque   
  • Bombilla Gourd

What does it mean to be on this list?  These are, in our opinion, the drinks that stood out from the pack, offering a balance of exceptional formulation, packaging, branding, functionality, taste and, last but not least, innovation.   At this point, these products have the right stuff to succeed — and now it’s up the beverage marketers behind these drinks to exectute.