Coke Acquisitions: Mad River vs FUZE?!?!?

As Coke gets ready to bring FUZE into the picture, there’s been some talk – at least among those who cover the industry — about whether or not Coke could botch this the way they botched the Mad River acquisition.

I am honestly somewhat surprised that this comparison is even considered given that:

a) FUZE’s sale price (supposedly around $200 million) is much greater than Mad River’s was (~$7 million). Spending $7 million to knock off a potential competitor is easy. Spending $200 million is a much bigger hit, and would create more of a pyrrhic victory, even if the destruction of Fuze is Coke’s real intent.
b) Coke immediately scrapped Mad’s CSD’s, which were really its better product line. This reinforces the thought that Coke was just out for blood. And even if they weren’t, and they just had too much arrogant faith in their own flagship CSD’s, there’s this:
c) FUZE has a much stronger portfolio and is positioned in growth categories… it doesn’t really have any CSD’s, let alone CSD’s in glass bottles, for Coke to kill off.

Your thoughts?