If only Pepsi made this 10 years ago…

Update: Nat Thomson from Seed (the design firm that put the Green Label art program together) has alerted me to a YouTube site featuring videos about each of the artists…Pretty cool stuff: http://youtube.com/greenlabelart

I used to love Mountain Dew….I mean I really really loved it. Their quirky alternative marketing appealed to me as a consumer and the sweet syrupy flavor was so enjoyable, especially with 54mg of caffeine contained in each can. It was the product that really sparked my love of soft drinks.

What’s causing this little nostalgic episode that I’m having? Well, today we received Pepsi’s new “Mountain Dew Aluminum bottle series“, which is probably one of the more interesting things done to the Mountain Dew brand in recent times. (Too bad it has HFCS, though)

Plus, as an added bonus, the press kit came with a lazy Susan that holds four bottles of Mountain Dew. Definitely could have used this back in the college days :)

Anyway, they are actually pretty cool looking bottles…each one having its own custom artist designed look. It’s certainly not a practical package — or meant for mainstream retail — but it’s certainly worth it if you are a Dew lover.