Indulging in Chocolate Drinks

If you’re in the mood for some liquid indulgence, here are two great chocolate beverages that are worth a try.


Pictured on the right is Cocio, a ready-to-drink chocolate milk product from Denmark.  Featuring a clean European design, the product is, in my opinion, much better tasting any US-made competitor.    On its second stint in the US, the product is now distributed by CKF Foods, Inc. in Illinois.  Hopefully it will be around longer than last time.

Pictured to the left is Bellagio Sipping Chocolate, a European style drinking chocolate.  Drinking chocolate comes in several different varieties (Schokinag being the most publicized in the US) delivered in powdered mix form.  Simply combine hot milk with the powder and you’ve got a rich cup of bittersweet chocolate goodness.  

And, again, these are indulgence products….With both of these products having 250+ calories, it’s a good idea to consume in moderation.