John Bello fired from Original SoupMan

Having founded and then sold SoBe to Pepsi as well as orchestrating the sale of Izze to Pepsi, John Bello certainly has a good reputation in the beverage industry (we’ll forget about Fire Fighter Brands for a minute).  On the other hand, he’s been run out of the soup / quick serve restaurant industry, having been ousted as CEO of “The Original SoupMan” (see below for official press release) just last week. 

20064494460_bello.gifSo, I guess “no soup for you,” John!  Sorry, you knew that lame joke was coming :)  Perhaps we’ll see John back in the beverage industry sometime soon?? 

Official Press Release:

The Original SoupMan Dismisses CEO, John Bello

NEW YORK, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Soup Kitchen International, the creators of the Zagat-rated soups of Al Yeganeh, the legendary soup man who inspired the “Soup Episode” on Seinfeld, today announced they have dismissed John Bello as CEO. The company’s Board of Directors has also voted in favor of removing Mr. Bello from his role as Chairman.

The decision came about, in part, as a result of the company’s strategic plans for fiscal 2008 to focus on refining its franchise operations. Mr. Bello, whose background lies primarily in the retail soft drink industry, will remain on as a board member.

About The Original SoupMan

Founded in 1984, legendary soup man, Al Yeganeh, set the standard for mouth watering, world-renowned soups at his New York City location, Soup Kitchen International. Now with his new retail line of premium, gourmet, “heat-n-serve” soups, and The Original SoupMan stores, Al and his team will give the whole world the opportunity to experience soup as it was meant to be. To learn more, visit