Pepsi Summer Swill

Back in April, Pepsi released a new seasonal product called “Summer Mix”, which blends tropical fruit flavors with cola.  Since it’s the middle of summer (and near the end of its limited run), it seemed like a good time to finally give this one a try. 

PEPSI SUMMER MAXIn many ways, the flavor tastes like a mixture of several cola extensions rolled into one.  Perhaps they used the surplus concentrates from other failed extensions?  Regardless, Summer Mix does not taste good.  Nor does it taste summery.   It’s strong and sweet, with a nice hit of HFCS that leaves a sugary coating in your mouth.  The “tropical” flavor  makes it taste like one of those Jamaican Kola drinks that has been blended with Pepsi cola.  And just like the formula, the outside isn’t summery either.  They’ve used a color scheme of orange, green, and yellow (aren’t those fall colors) along with a sloppy Halloween style font. 

Honestly, they should have just released Sierra Mist Cranberry (a 2006 holiday flavor) again.  Or maybe some “Pepsi Cane Sugar” to lighten things up for the summer.  That would certainly hit the spot right about now…