EYL Drinks

by EYL Beverages, Inc


Official Brand Overview

EYL is focused on developing and marketing premium functional beverages tailored to specific physiological support (i.e Stress Relief, or Bone/Joint ache relief) for consumers. EYL?s goal is to redefine how people engage with beverages for function rather than merely empty calorie refreshment. The current portfolio is in Ready to Drink (RTD) format with a liquid content that is delicious with a balanced mix of active herbs/botanicals, vitamins and rich anti-oxidants. EYL beverages inc products boast All Natural, Zero Calories, Doctor Endorsed, and Ancient Remedy as core product attributes. Consumers do not need 8000% or 2000% daily value of any vitamins or artificial or high levels of sugar as seen in other drinks. These high levels are burdensome on organs. Instead EYL focuses on balance and delivers natural supplements that support a physiological function through an authentic portfolio of beverages designed to Enrich Your Life!?. EYL products are ?Liquid Functional Nutrition? that complement everyday beverage consumption occasions

Current product lineup

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