Adonis DNA

by Harcos, Inc.

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Official Brand Overview

If your only speed is GO, you're going to need Adonis DNA so that children aren't weeping over your exploded body. So here at Harcos Labs we decided to track down the Greek god himself, strap him into an extraction unit, and yank out his pristine DNA for your delicious pleasure. We found so many benefits to this incredible substance! Adonis DNA gives you such divine powers as shooting truth torpedoes and existing on a different terrestrial realm. You’ll never have to make an excuse again in your whole life. Stop pretending you're not special and instead be a rock star from Mars. Attract goddesses! The energy you'll get from the vitamins and 80mg of caffeine will let poetry flow from your fingertips. Deploy your ordinance to the ground like an F-18. Drink Adonis DNA, the lime flavored concoction is as green as the envy of all those begging trolls beneath you. Please note, Adonis DNA is not endorsed by any celebrity. We are, however, endorsed by the full pantheon of Greek gods.

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