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AriZona Iced Tea Co-Founders Settle Longstanding Dispute

Domenick Vultaggio and John Ferolito have reached a settlement in what has been an eight-year long dispute over the value of the company they founded together in 1992.

AriZona Aims For the Dairy Aisle with “Good Brew”

AriZona’s most intriguing new product was one that the company gave only scant attention at the 2014 NACS show. While the company displayed only a couple prop bottles of “Good Brew,” a lemon-flavored, cane sugar-sweetened tea, packaged in a clear 59 oz. carafe with a teal-colored cap and hipster/throwback label, the multi-serve beverage certainly stood out.

Update: Statements from Ferolito, AriZona

The ruling came in, but the fighting hasn’t stopped, and at least AriZona is considering an appeal, according to statements issued by the law firms representing parties in the breakup of the founding partnership of AriZona Beverage Company.

NY Judge: AriZona Owes $1 Billion to Co-Founder for Buyout

A New York state judge has ruled that AriZona Beverage Company must pay about $1 billion to acquire the half of the company owned by co-founder John Ferolito, according to Reuters.

AriZona Introduces Oak Reserve Tea

After a family trip to Napa where the Vultaggios toured wineries, the owners were fascinated by the Oak barrel aging process and wondered what that same process would bring to tea. The result: a refreshing new artisanal iced tea with the subtle complexity of a barrel-aged brew.

AriZona Extends Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Line with New Strawberry Fizz

Strawberry Fizz contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and is only 70 calories per serving. To date, the line has been available in regular Lemonade with Honey and Ginseng, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Mint Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and a 10-calorie version of regular Lemonade with Honey and Ginseng.

Founder of Skinnygirl Sparklers Launches Recipe Contest

WOODBURY, N.Y. — On the November 11th episode of “bethenny” Bethenny Frankel, the original Skinnygirl™, announced her new partnership with AriZona Beverages to launch Skinnygirl™ Sparklers, a line of sparkling waters mixed with real fruit juice.  They come in four refreshingly sweet bubbly flavors: Tangerine Mango, Strawberry Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple Coconut.

On the same episode of “bethenny” that showcased the new product, …

AriZona Partners with Skinnygirl Founder on New Line of Sparkling Waters

Continuing its foray into carbonated beverages -- and celebrity partnerships -- AriZona Beverages today announced that it has joined forces with former reality TV star, beverage entrepreneur and current talk show host Bethanny Frankel on a new line of five-calorie sparkling waters called Skinnygirl Sparklers.

AriZona Launches Water Enhancers With Familiar Flavors

Wesley Vultaggio, AriZona's owner and creative director, told BevNET that while MiO brings new, untested flavors to the market, AriZona’s water enhancers benefit from the established success of its flavors. The company has been selling these flavors in cans for years, now they just have a different form.

Health Activists: Shaq Needs to Pick a Side

With his playing days over, Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t need to sweat free throws any longer. Instead, however, he’s got health activists calling him out.

AriZona Beverages and 7-Eleven Launch “Soda Shaq Golden Can” Contest

Find A Golden Can At A 7-Eleven Store For The Chance to Win a ‘Meet And Greet’ With Shaquille O’Neal

WOODBURY, N.Y., Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AriZona Beverages and Shaquille O’Neal invite consumers to participate in the “Soda Shaq Golden Can” contest at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Between Aug. 14 and Sept. 3 one golden can will be hidden at five different 7-Eleven locations throughout …

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