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Just when you thought sweet tea couldn’t be any more Southern, here comes a refreshing, revitalized beverage straight from the lowcountry woods. As the only native caffeine source in North America and a true Southern native, Our “barely-sweet” iced tea & dry tea naturally deliver energy, focus, & health. ASI Tea (ah-see) is brewed with leaves from the yaupon (“yo-pon”) holly tree, growing from the Carolinas to Texas. The Muskogee word for yaupon is “cassina” (“asi” for short), meaning “Black Drink” . A cousin of yerba mate’ and guayusa, A stimulating secret known by our indigenous people for over 10,000 years. Early Spanish explorers traded yaupon, and it was highly valued among 18th & 19th-century Southerners in lieu of coffee and tea during the Revolution and The War Between the States. Indigenous tribes heralded ASI as “Big Medicine” and “The Purifier.” Indeed, scientific research confirms yaupon’s magnificent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains theobromine—the same healthy, focusing alkaloid found in dark chocolate. ASI Tea is re-inventing this southern treasure as a wild, local-crafted brew. Wild picked, harvested sustainably, roasted and craft brewed in Savannah Georgia. Small batched and blended with the South’s most delicious native sweets – including scuppernong, muscadine, aronia, and wild honey .We are all native- all South. The result is as sweet and clean as the air after a lowcountry thunderstorm. An invigorating Southern drink with a crisp boost of energy—and surely worthy of front porch sipping.

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