Official Brand Overview

The concept of Blue Buddha is the tradition of healing from within that is prevalent in many world cultures. It refers to a state of perfect balance in the human body and mind. The founder of Blue Buddha Beverages, Kris Whelan, cites her inspiration for the teas: “I loved creating teas for my family using some of the herbs from my own garden. As a yoga teacher and a student of Ayurveda, I saw the impact that stress and unhealthy living was having on the people around me... I kept asking myself, what more could I do to bring people to a better state of being? Why not create something functional, flavorful and herb-infused to balance both mind and body?” And her answer was Blue Buddha teas. Using herbs from Eastern and Western traditions, the products today are blended by modern science to respond uniquely to the holistic approach for enhancing the quality of daily life with 5,000 years of wisdom in a bottle.

Current product lineup