Bruce Tea: One Inch Punch

by Bruce Lee Beverage, LLC.

Product Type

Tea: Sweetened, Tea: Yerba Mate


12oz can

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3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Review: One Inch Punch

(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2014 at 11:39 AM)
Part of the initial round of Bruce Tea products are two energy drink-style products, One Inch Punch and Kung Fu. Of the two, we definitely preferred this one, One Inch Punch. There’s a lot going on inside this can, which includes a blend of black tea, green tea, passion fruit, orange and guava flavoring, yerba mate, added vitamins, caffeine (80mg) and other ingredients (the list is somewhat lengthy). The flavor is ultimately that of a tropical-flavored tea, but with a bit of bite to the finish. While it seems like the manufacturers are trying to create something that looks like an energy drink, we question the strategy of having two products in glass and two in cans; it makes the lineup feel disjointed and somewhat confusing. If the company was to thin it out and package it in a glass bottle, we’d probably think more highly of this product. As it stands right now, you really have to read the ingredient list to figure it out. What’s inside the package (non-carbonated fruit flavored tea with caffeine) is something different than what one would expect from a black-colored can that’s synonymous with energy drinks. Overall, we like the formulation, but we question the positioning.