Capri Sun Island Refreshers

by Kraft Foods Inc

Official Brand Overview

Capri Sun® has been a leader in packaging innovation for over 20 years, so it is no surprise that Capri Sun, with the new Capri Sun Island Refreshers™ line, is the first in the US to launch a juice drink in a revolutionary aluminum "bottle-can." The 16.5 oz. unique, re-sealable "bottle-can" not only looks "liquid cool", but also chills faster than glass and fits nicely in the cup holder of your car. The larger size is perfect to quench the bigger thirsts of teens and young adults, and Capri Sun Island Refreshers have a great fruity taste that is specially formulated for the taste preferences of this age group. Capri Sun Island Refreshers® are available in 4 delicious flavors: • Tropical Fruit • Strawberry Kiwi • Orange Dragonfruit • Lemon Tea Now you can find Capri Sun Island Refreshers® at your local convenience and drug stores. The 15 "bottle-can" pack will be coming soon to your local Club store.

Current product lineup