Coba Aguas Frescas

by Cobá

(323) 691-2019

Official Brand Overview

Briefly, via our Cobá brand, we’re the first bottlers of healthy, authentic all-natural aguas frescas. We look to our Meso-American forefathers for inspiration in our approach to aguas frescas. Similarly to them, we use organic agave as our sweetener and we only use the finest all-natural ingredients. We won Top 5 Food & Beverages at Natural Products Expo West in 2011. Our largest customer to date is the natural food channel, thereby proving our crossover potential. Whether it was a surf trip in Cabo, backpacking in the Chiapas or just at their favorite local Mexican restaurant, for many consumers our aguas are an adventure often reminding them of a vacation south of the border. We currently feature five exotic flavors likely to bring a fresh drink option to store shelves, these SKUs are tamarind, guava, mango, hibiscus and horchata (cinnamon-rice water). Lastly, aguas frescas literally translates to “refreshing waters” and the drink dates back centuries in Latin America. Our brand, Cobá, nicely captures this essence with a meaning of “waters stirred by winds.” Our drink is more of a juice-water with light pulp and is generally merchandised near yerba mate teas and/or the coconut water brands.

Current product lineup