Coco Hydro

by Big Tree Farms

Official Brand Overview

CocoHydro was started by a couple of guys that love coconut water, yet were very disheartened by the environmental negatives that come along with drinking coconut water far away from where it actually comes from... the tropics. That's why we created CocoHydro. Our coconut water mix is the most delicious, refreshing, nourishing, eco-friendly coconut water out there. We pack it in a 25 serving reusable - recyclable canister that is less expensive, per serving, than any coconut water on the market. Bottom line, it's good. Real good. Tasty enough to make you want it everyday. Affordable enough to allow you to have it everyday. Environmentally friendly so you won't feel guilty about having it everyday. Finally, a coconut water option that you can drink to!

Current product lineup

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