Cyclone Energy Shot

by Dynamic Nutritionals, Inc.

Official Brand Overview

Dynamic Nutritionals, Inc. is a nutrition company that develops high quality energy and nutritional products for the innovative energy product market. Dynamic Nutritionals has a vision to create superior nutritional products for the healthy conscious consumer that taste great and really get the job done. The company has created an athletic energy formula called Cyclone Energy Shot that is scientifically formulated to be more powerful and innovative than any other energy supplement on the market. Cyclone Energy Shot is the world?s first premier sports energy supplement that comes in a 2.5 ounce convenient bottle that is a healthy formula designed for athletes, fitness people, and anybody wanting a quality energy boost. Cyclone Energy Shot has been developed to create a healthier and better energy alternative to the so-called ?canned? energy drinks that are on the market today. Cyclone Energy Shot is a proven energy source that has been formulated specifically to give long lasting energy that lasts all day long without the crash associated with sugar packed canned energy drinks. The exclusive ?Category 5 Energy Blend? is one of a kind on the market and is by far one of the best energy formulas available. Along with the energy blend, Cyclone Energy Shot has a special blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids, which work together to create a very unique and special energy formula. Taking this great tasting energy shot will give you a tremendous energy boost that will make you feel alert and will improve performance whether your playing a sport, working out, or simply just waking you up while you are at work. As they say, once you take Cyclone Energy Shot, you will? Feel The Storm of energy raging through your body within minutes.

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