Deep Throat Energy Drinks

by Arrow Productions


Official Brand Overview

Since Deep Throat, the movie, seared across the silver screen, it has caused an uproar and changed the way people think. The movie became the guiding light in the “porn chic” movement, loosening the world’s uptight attitude about sex, while grossing a reputed six hundred million dollars and being proclaimed one of the one hundred most significant films of all time. Then came the Watergate scandal, wherein Deep Throat was the whistleblower that lead to the downfall of the Nixon presidency. Now, Deep Throat is blazing new territory as the cool new energy drink that is more than an energy drink. After a year of lab testing and product research, Arrow Productions has come out with a new concept….. an energy drink that taste good, has no after taste and makes a great mixer with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. With a slightly berry taste and trending a tad sweeter than your ordinary energy drink, taste test found that consistently over 90% of the samplers preferred the Deep Throat energy drink to its leading competitors. The packaging, a tall thin canary yellow can with a retro Deep Throat movie poster in prominence has proven to be such a hit that people have fished out the empties out of the trash and took them home as souvenirs. To introduce the new energy drink, Arrow Productions has begun shooting a reality TV show on the remaking of Deep Throat that will air on Showtime. Set in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, two production teams fight to find the net Deep Throat Queen and film the remake. Talk of the Town, a Las Vegas Blvd. Strip club affiliated with Arrow, plays a prominent role in the reality TV show as a hangout for Arrow employees similar to the Bada-Bing in the Sopranos as it really is. Raymond Pistol the owner of Arrow and a Vietnam vet that saw lots of action war runs Arrow like a four star general, Robert Interlandi , a young Vice President of Arrow battles that other team as the man on the point for his production team, Anya , a true Russian immigrant and dark haired beauty, is an Arrow DVD sales person, J. Brino, the actual Deep Throat energy drink sales manager is even in it. All of Arrow’s staff plays a part in the show looking for the next Linda Lovelace. There’s a lot of fun and games in between shooting the scences and during filming, but it makes sence with the formula of the guys, dolls and loads of energy drinks being consumed and literally awash on the set. Deep Throat is not used in the filming, it is the number one energy drink at Talk of the Town, the girls use it as a boost to their high energy performances and go-go lifestyles. The Showtime Channel series is the first reunion of the World of Wonder and Arrow Products since filming Inside Deep Throat for Imagine and Universal Pictures a few years ago. It is set to air this winter with the title as Deeper Throat.

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