Deluxe Honeydrop: Raw Tristate Honey - Turmeric Lemon

by Honeydrop Beverages

Product Type

Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw, High Pressure Processed (HPP)


10 oz. plastic

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Review: Raw Tristate Honey - Turmeric Lemon

Posted: Nov 04, 2015 at 1:42 PM (Last Updated: Dec 02, 2015 at 10:54 AM)
While you probably have to have a very refined palate to taste the differences in the honey used for Honeydrop's Manuka line and that of its "Tri State" line, it’s impossible to miss the other flavors that the company has layered on top. In this case, it's turmeric and lemon, which, along with added water and honey, make this high pressure processed (HPP) beverage sing. The unmistakable earthy spice of turmeric provides a good portion of this product’s flavor, which goes nicely with the sharp flavor of lemon. The honey isn’t much of a contributor to the product’s flavor, but it does provide the sweetness that glues these two flavors together. Using raw honey in an HPP beverage isn’t a new thing, but using it as the focal point is. This is something that is very evident from Honeydrop's branding, which instantly makes the conversation all about raw honey. In comparison to Honeydrop’s former product line, the branding has really been downplayed to the point where the word Honeydrop is very small. Making the brand pop out more might be something to consider. Overall, a really enjoyable flavor that’s one of our favorites of the bunch.