Diesel Energy Stix



Official Brand Overview

Diesel Energy Stix® is the first energy shot in a powdered, no-water-needed delivery system. The patent-pending energy supplement is poured directly into the mouth where it instantly dissolves for fast absorption. Diesel Energy Stix® energy supplement contains the innovative RXE formula developed by VABION LLC, including VABION chief executive Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D. One of the active ingredients in Diesel is RNA, a supplement that helps cells release ATP, the body?s energy currency. Rapid ATP release promotes a faster reaction time and mental alertness. Diesel Energy Stix® is available in convenience stores, gyms and online retailers such as Amazon.com, Bodybuilding.com, DieselStix.com and in over 1,500 select Rite Aid GNC locations. Select Smoothie King locations in Manhattan, New York City also sell Diesel Energy Stix®.

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