Official Brand Overview

Non-alcoholic shrubs (aka cocktail or drinking vinegars) made exclusively with organic apple cider vinegar, fresh fruit and all-natural ingredients. We started Element [Shrub] to create the perfect non-alcoholic drink for my wife while she was pregnant with our first child. She was looking for something (a drink) that had the complexity of the cocktail, was made with real ingredients, didn't have a lot of sugar and of course had no alcohol. She was bored with water, tired of juices that were loaded with sugar, and soda had too many artificial ingredients. At the time, we were working with a group that foraged local fruit in Cambridge, MA. One day after harvesting 400 pounds of crabapples, we were looking for new recipes for our bounty and came across the concept of shrubs. After adding the shrub to some sparkling water, the result was a drink that satisfied every aspect of my wife's craving. The (apple cider) vinegar added savory notes to the fruit and spices to create a flavor that was complex and refreshing. That was four years ago. Now we live in Arlington, VA and we have got two kids, have released four other shrubs flavors since we launched and very recently a line of ready-to-drink shrub "sodas" called Element Shrub & Club.

Current product lineup