EnerBee: Lemon Green Tea

by Natural Motives, LLC

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Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


12oz Can

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Review: Lemon Green Tea

(Last Updated: Jul 02, 2014 at 9:47 AM)
EnerBee Organic Energy, which promotes itself as being made with organic honey, currently comes in a single variety: Lemon Green Tea. The flavor does of the product have many similarities to an iced tea, but the biggest differences are the added carbonation and the functional bite. There’s a pleasant honey note to the product, but it’s a pretty subtle flavor, while the yerba mate and green tea add an earthy flavor to it. So while the product tastes good as far as energy drinks are concerned, it’s not to the point of really being standout or necessarily memorable based on flavor alone. On outside, the product is very much all about honey bees. The branding, the honeycomb design, and the copy all focus on the honey bee. Now we can’t say that your typical energy consumer is likely too concerned about the plight of honey bees or colony collapse disorder, but we do think the company has successfully communicated that this is a honey-based energy drink. However, the packaging feels a bit too aggressive and dark to be credible as a “better-for-you” energy drink offering. Taking a softer approach with the graphics might help (the logo says “killer bee” more than it says “honey bee”) as would front of can placement of the USDA Organic seal. And as with any energy drink, the biggest question is ultimately whether or not the product has what it takes to successfully grab loyal customers away from other brands. For this product, it’s hard to manage the buyer being the same as Red Bull or Monster. More than likely, this product is something that heads to the natural channel, which leaves us reiterating the previous point that the branding needs to be softer. Overall, we like the concept and the message, but we think some fine tuning is necessary.