by Ener-she, LLC

Official Brand Overview

Ener-she Vitamin Boost is a new "Vitamin Shot" that combines B vitamins and an energy blend designed to sustain high levels of productivity without the side effects of jitters or a crash. The idea of Ener-She started in 2011, when Karen Kostrewa, a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, was brainstorming innovative ideas for a new product to market. Ms. Kostrewa turned her ideas to vitamins and healthy eating, as throughout her life, she struggled to take multi-vitamins because of the unpleasant taste and difficulties she had swallowing large-sized supplements. She lamented about too much caffeine in her diet and the bad taste of many of the energy supplements currently on the market. Searching for an option of getting the necessary vitamins and minerals and long-lasting energy without all of the downsides, thus, the concept of EnerShe arose. EnerShe has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, many B-vitamins, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, and taurine, all in a pleasant tasting two ounce shot of lemon-raspberry energy. It is a family-run business and the philanthropic endeavors will include support of a woman-focused charity. The goal is to have EnerShe available for purchase at multiple locations throughout Wisconsin and available for order online for convenient delivery to homes and businesses on EnerShe’s website: www.enershe.com.

Current product lineup